15 Aug 2011

Ladybird Fabric Toy

{unintentional taggie style}

A few days ago, I was making the ladybird toys and they were supposed to resemble the fabric boast I made earlier, hence being filled with toy stuffing. However, as I had a one month old little girl in mind when I was making this, I realised that maybe that was not so suitable for a small baby, so I skipped the last step and so the toy is not stuffed but you could do that if you prefer.

And here a few steps of how to make one ( I wouldn't dare call it a tutorial).

Prepare your pattern - use two small plates

 It should look like this.

You will need fabric for the wings, for the top and for the bottom plus a selection of matching ribbons. I decided to use felt for the tentacles but changed and made them from fabric instead. Don't forget stuffing if you are going to stuff your lady bird - sorry I forgot.

When cutting the wings do not forget to leave enough seam allowance for the middle.

 Machine stitch the wings.

Pin the wings to the narrow part of the upper body fabric.

Machine stitch and press.

Pin the ribbons to the front part of the bottom body fabric. Sew in place.

Sandwitch the wings between the top and bottom fabrics and machine stitch.

Trim with pinking shears.

Turn back to front stuff your toys with stuffing if you'd liketo make a softie and slip stitch the opening. 

Press and here is a lovely Ladybird taggie style toy.

Wishing you all a nice week!

Irina xx


  1. What a cute little gift Idea for a new baby!

  2. Hi Irina,

    This is a great idea/tutorial :) Thanks for sharing!

    I have not yet caught up with my sister, but I'm glad that you were able to meet each other. I also thought it was quite amazing/hilarious/serendipitous when I started following your blog and found that you lived in Frankfurt and was a crafter like my sister. And then your fair came up and a perfect excuse to get my sister to say hello to you from me. Small world, huh? And another reason to go visit my sister again :D

    It sounds like your first fair went well...? Judging from your posts, it was quite an experience.

    Thanks again for a great idea. I especially love the polka dot tied antennaes!

    Until your next post,

  3. Adorable! My 5 month old is definitely into taggies right now, so he would love that!

  4. I would call it a tutorial and an awesome one at that!! Thank you for sharing and linking up to "Help a Momma Out" we appreciate it and hope to see you at our future link parties with your great ideas!! :)

  5. Hi Irina,
    Wonderful idea, this is so cute and a great tutorial, thanks.

  6. Hi Irina,
    really really cute!
    just one alteration i would like to suggest is that you put black lining in the wings and get rid of that raw edge.
    i look forward to inspecting these at the next fair!

  7. This is really cute! I love ladybugs. I actually just made a tag blanket with ladybugs! This was such a good tutorial also!
    Check out my ladybugs!

  8. Love your ladybugs! So adorable!

  9. A great idea!
    If this toy is intended for the new baby, you can add in her belly something rustling or fined =)

  10. A great tutorial!!! Love the ladybird.

  11. Love this! May I invite you to link it to my new link party, Craftilicious over at Sweet Living magazine. http://www.sweetlivingmagazine.co.nz/craftilicious-link-party/ Thanks! Jane.

  12. Hi Irina,

    you have a wonderful blog, with awesome ideas and tutorials! I'm pinning this one to my Pinterest board (and getting my sewing machine ready...) Thanks and have a great day! Damjaan


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