25 Aug 2011

A visit from England

{and my dilemma}

Lovely Mum is visiting from England and I am completely spoiled with all the nice magazines she brought for me. I had a subscription for the BBC Good Food magazine but when we moved to Frankfurt in January I had to either cancel it or change the name, so I changed it over to my mum and every few months when she comes I get a lovely bundle of magazines to keep me occupied for at least a few weeks. 

Oh, I have a dilemma, and I don’t really like having dilemmas – I find it so hard having to choose between two equally appealing things…

Well my dilemma is about what event to attend on the 25th of September. On that day there is the Race for the Cure, which I would love to join. The thing is that I have signed up to run the Frankfurt marathon at the end of October. It is a team run and my part is 10K. Oh dear, what was I thinking…so I thought that if I make the Race for the Cure run, which is only 5 K it would be like a little training for the big day. I was very excited until I looked in my calendar to see that the day was already booked – can you believe it… the Dutch fabric market which happens only once or twice a year will be in Frankfurt on that day and I might have to give it a miss.

So here are a few photos of the last market and I still can't choose…

After seeing the photos I am even more uncertain.

Hope you are having a dilemma free week!

Irina xx


  1. what a "terrible" place!
    it's impossible to get out of there!
    so much fabric!

  2. The fabric market gets my vote!!

  3. I know where I will be!!
    besides, to cure cancer, they need money, running isn't going to make any difference...
    make a donation and meet me at the fabric market!

  4. Irina, dear, this is my first time here at Sew and the City and I can tell you this is not my last one...wow, I simply LOVE your posts and the way you write is so nice!
    My Lord, all this fabric drive me crazy....:o)
    That is a pleasure for me to be here!
    Kisses from Brasil!!

  5. Why not doing both?
    First taking the run and later enjoying the market? Or come and join me at the market in Hannover (17.09.2011; it's just a 2 hours trainride).

  6. all that fabric looks way too tempting to miss out on!

  7. Can you do both like lily suggested?

  8. Enjoy your Mummy Irina!! Apparently it is Blog Day today, not sure if it's self imposed by the advertising agency or a real thing, it's fun though. Enjoy the bloggie trip around the world with me, love Posie

  9. I have almost made up my mind...after checking all near by locations for Fabric market days (and there are none) I think I will have to drag myself to the market... I will make a donation to the Race for the cure but I will just have to do the training in the park...what a shame they are on the same day.

  10. Dear Friend, I am so glad you paid me a visit!! Let me tell you the project of the box I got from here


    and then I decided to use them as invitations. I am sure your little girl´s party will be terrific!!!
    Thanks, dear !

  11. I just joined your site. I love your posts! I am green with envy over the very thought of a fabric market. I would definitely chose the market and donate some money to the race. I have also made jewellery and art pieces to donate to raffles supporting breast cancer. One of them raised more than $500, which was quite gratifying.
    Have a lovely week ahead!

  12. Loved those pics of the fabric market!!!!


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