9 Nov 2016

Oh boy! What a year...

My last post was welcoming the New Year full of hope and positive emotions for the 2016. But what a year it has been. First Brexit and now Trump. Can't stop questioning the world, can't help but being afraid about the world. And no, I was neither with her, nor with him. And in a way I feel relieved that I didn't have to make this mad choice. History will judge this one day. My eight year old who tried to explain to me how bad it is to be sexist and racist will judge this. My four year old, who didn't understand what is happening, sensed that the only appropriate emotion is "Yuk". He will judge this one day. I wish I knew why people thought they had so little to loose.

And here it is! The face of innocence. Oblivious that overnight the world changed.

Irina xx


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