27 Oct 2012

Halloween Pumpkin Wands

 { Back for good }

I am back and I am so excited.  It feels like life is back to normal (although that’s not entirely true), but what a good time to be back.Next week is Halloween and than it will be time to get ready for Christmas – my favourite time of the year, so I am really looking forward to making stuff, and this time I have a little helper – my four year old girl is showing great interest in crafting ( or so called basteln in German)…that’s my girl!

So this morning the children and I woke up to see that outside was snowing…well, it is only October! But what a good excuse to stay home and do some crafting. Lovely Little Daughter will have some friends around on Wednesday to celebrate Halloween, so I thought I’d make her a Pumpkin Wand and she requested another one for her best friend.

I have not bloged since a few months so it took me 10 min to find my sewing machine cable and than it turned out that both of my cameras had no battery left, luckily I knew where my hot glue gun was…so I need to blog more often.

An hour and a half later and here is what we came up with…

I have already made magic wands for Lovely Little Big Daughter's birthday this year and here is a step by step tutorial that you can follow to make these pumpkin wands.

You will need:

Wooden sticks
Black ribbon
Orange ribbon
Orange felt for the body of the pumpkin
Green felt for the stem (there is a harder variety)
2-3 types of other matching ribbon to decorate
Plastic spider or some other kind of Halloween paraphernalia (optional, but it did help to cover the front of the wand)
Hot glue gun

I looked up on the Internet for pumpkin colouring pages just to get an idea of the shape and lines of the pumpkin and that drew one on a piece of paper in the desired size. I used a water soluble pen to outline the pumpkin on the orange felt.

The pumpkin is machine stitched with a black double stitch (what I mean is that I stitched once and than I stitched one more time – no need to be precise). 

TIP: Make sure you stitch the middle two lines only two thirds otherwise there will not be enough space to insert the stick. Do not forget to include the grren stem before stitching.

Wishing you a lovely weekend...

Irina xx