21 Dec 2011

Merry Christmas

{and  a prosperous New Year}

Frankfurt woke up covered in snow yesterday morning but sadly today there is not sign of any snow...well there are still a few days left so I still hope for a white Christmas.

I just wanted to share with you some of the Christmas things I made ( mostly last year).
This year we had two Christmas wreaths - the first one, for the front door, I made this year by wrapping up a shop bought straw wreath with pieces of gingham fabric and adding (sadly also store bought) felt decoration.

The second one I made a couple of years ago and it is simply a thick plait consisting of three fabric tubes filled with toy stuffing. The tubes are attached at the top, hence the big ribbon to cover that. Last year I added florist's wire to make sure the wreath kept its nice and round shape.

I love our Christmas bunting. It was one of the first things I made four years ago when I first started to sew. On the gingham triangles I added and angel, a heart and a Christmas tree, using blanket stitch and it gives the bunting this slightly "country living" look.

It was my intention to provide a tutorial for this patchwork fabric covered bauble ( sorry, maybe next year, or  maybe a similar looking Easter egg :-).

Salt dough heart shaped cookies, adorned with fraying pieces of gingham fabric-  I made those two years ago and they still look lovely. I will make new cookies next year, as I love how nice they look on the three.

And off course our Christmas stockings - also made last year. 
This one is mine - lots of presents...

This one is for Lovely Little Daughter - we were living in London and the time so there are town houses, a snow covered path and street lights...

...there is even light in the street lights...

This one is for Lovely Husband and it was my first ever go at free hand machine embroidery. Beginners luck as they say...i never managed again.

And here is the so much anticipated Advent calendar...i should have simply gone for sweets and chocolate but with health in mind I decided to go for little gifts - honestly now I am not sure it it was such a great idea...my girl loves it...i feel she is getting spoiled. However it looked really pretty.

And now my dearest readers, I would like to wish to you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas and a fantastic and creative New Year!

Irina xx