22 Nov 2011

Back for good

 { I missed sewing)

My dearest readers,

I hope you’ll forgive my (almost) unannounced absence from Blogland… things have happened and I have been left without energy, with no creative vibes to keep me going…All is good, and in the next few weeks I will share more with you, and since my creative energy is starting slowly to flow back I even made a few things and attended a little fair last week.

I made some Christmas cards for the fair, and what a better way to return after all those weeks than by showing you a little tutorial of how to make those easy cards for your loved ones!

Machine Sewn Christmas cards

This is what you'll need for each card. Leftovers from green and red fabrics are really useful.

I find it easier to glue the red squares to the card with tiny drops of glue.  I also glued the purple ornament with a single drop in the middle.

Put the squares in pleace and let them dry.

Start making your tree by first sewing the trunk with a single short line.

The back should look like this. Pull the front thread to the back and tie small knots.

Stitch the rest of yout tree pieces and make sure each piece overlaps the previous so you can't see the stitch.

Prepare the ornament by stitching the ribon and the zig zag and than trimming them to the shape of the ornament.

It should look like this...or similar.

Attach the ornament to the card with a single tiny drop of glue and let it dry. When dry simply stitch the ornament to the card as shown below. Sewing surves on paper is not as easy as fabric, so you probably have to reposition the needle a few times to create a smooth curve.

The gift is easy...just straight lines on the sides and two straight lines inside. I forgot to take a photo of making the bow but it is simply sewing and stopping to reposition and make sure you are comming up with a  curve. Don't worry if both sides of the bow are not simetrical.

You could finish at this point or if you have stamps just wirte a little message.

Here you have them...hand made cards for your family and friends!

Oh, it is so good to be back!

Happy creating!