13 Oct 2011

Creative blogs

 {I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do}

Hi, today I am a guest blogger at Roca and Co. I am a frequent visitor at Carmen’s blog as she has shared there some fabulous ideas. Please do go and have a look at Roca and Co – you have already seen my Autumn Dress tutorial, but have a little browse and I am sure you’ll find something to inspire you - I am particularly fond of her appliqué ideas.

Carmen also has a weekly linky party each Thursday, which is gaining more entries by the week and it is also a source of many nice ideas.

And just to tickle your curiosity here a few of my favourites from Roca and Co.

Another lovely blog I would like to tell you about is Coconut Collier – it is written in Spanish but you don’t need to speak Spanish to feast your eyes on the lovely little creations that Núria makes ( and you can always use Google Translate :-). 

I totally heart her miniature felt broaches and key rings. Also Núria was very sweet to gave me an award a couple of weeks ago – thank you Núria, you are lovely!!!

Please forgive me for not posting so much lately. I have a little project in the making and I can tell you more about it soon.

Irina xx


  1. Thank you so much Irina for your words and for reminding me! kisses

  2. Hi Irina,

    Thanks for the shout out...your felted dress tutorial is awesome and I am honored you guest blogged over at RoCa.

    Keep up the great sewing projects...and remember

    Carmen @ RoCa and Company

  3. I love the key ring,as you know I kind of collect them :-)
    I have only one house key only with 3-4 key rings to it. Can I make a special request please..can you make me a similar key ring please..it would be a lovely Christmas present...deal?
    mama xxxx

  4. I so freaking adore the monster!!!!

  5. What a fun blog! and fun features! Thanks for visiting and your nice comments!

  6. Irina, I am so in love with your blog!!!!
    Much love to you!!

  7. Great tutorials!

    I was awarded the Liebster Award for 'Up and Coming Blogs' and in return, selected YOUR BLOG as an up and coming blog!

    Stop by to learn about the award, and pass it on to our fellow bloggers :)


  8. Like DomesticatedMama, I thought of you when I was awarded the Liebster Award and selected yours as well. Great minds :)

  9. Love the key ring! Made some too lately.
    Thanks for introducing this lovely blog.


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