10 Aug 2010

Good to be back - fabric boxes

Hello, I am finally back into the world of sewing and creativity, having spent many hours out of the house in the park or at the local paddling pool.
I really wanted to make something nice for the house or for my sewing area, and after flipping through sewing books I found my inspiration. It came in the form of the small wall pouches from Tonne Finnanger's book "Sew pretty homestyle". I really love her clever and easy tutorials and I made a little polka dot and roses pouch. There is a lot to be desired with my scallop bordering but never the less I am quite pleased.

It turned out a bit like a fabric basket and I decided to experiment and make a bigger one. I thought that round bottom would suit it better and also decided to add a self made cotton band for decoration. It turned out lovely (if I may say so myself) and it fits perfectly on my sewing table holding all the very important sewing tools.

The only reason why I haven't made a tutorial yet is that I seem to be so bad at taking good photographs. I have to do something about this as I’d love to share my creations.

Love, Irina

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