5 Mar 2012

Easter Wreath

{it is not too early to start crafting for Easter, isn't it?}

It is the season of tulips and a few days ago I bough some yellow, light purple and dark purple tulips and fell in love with the lovely combination. I never suspected that they can complement each other so beautifully.

Since I loved it so much I decided to have my Easter decoration this year in yellow and purple – it makes my life easier as I can never decide when it comes to Easter… do I like yellow and green, yellow and orange etc. Now I am set.

And since we have never had a wreath for Easter I decided to make one. It is only a mini wreath (not sure you can tell from the photos), but it is really cute and it looks very pretty on the front door.

Now you might wonder why I say yellow and purple when the colours actually look yellow and blue. It is not blue, I swear…I have no idea why it looks blue, it is purple. I guess this is a clear reminder that I need to work on my photo taking technique and learn a bit more about photography. Off to Google it now...

The wreath…

The inspiration…

The step-by-step…

You’ll need:

Twig wreath – my one was bought white, but I guess it could also be painted.

9 to 12 Styrofoam eggs

Piece of Styrofoam to leave your eggs to dry

Tooth picks to stick your eggs onto to be able to paint and dry – for standard size eggs use wooden skewers instead of tooth picks

Acrylic paints in your choose of colours plus white – for pastel colours use a dollop of white mixed whit a tiny bit of strong colour

Ribbon and burlap – I wasn’t sure which one to use

Glue gun – off course
Hope you have a lovely week!



  1. Its OK, they do look purple here!
    What a lovely idea, well done you! so pretty.

    Please get rid of your word verification- now it has two awkward words to do it quite puts one off commenting!

  2. Very, very nice...It looks like you have endless ideas stored in your head :-)
    With love, mama xxxx

  3. Hi there - I saw this Samsung Galaxy Note advert, which I liked, and wanted to share it with you (it made me think of your blog):


    Am really impressed by your continuous, and regular stream of cool posts!


  4. Love this! I might just have to go to the craft store and try this myself!

  5. Great job! I love it! come link to my Tuesday linky. It's still open :)

  6. So sweet! LOVE the colors! thank you for sharing at Uncommon!Bonnie ;)


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