6 Apr 2012

Happy Easter!

{ time for the family}

It is usually Thursday before Easter that we colour eggs in our house, and this year was no exception. Luckily kindergarten closed at 1pm so Lovely Little Big Daughter and I come straight home excited about the egg colouring ritual.

We are really lucky that we like eggs in our house – eggs for breakfast, eggs in salad, eggs on toast with cream cheese, etc…yes we like eggs. So I boiled 25 eggs and we got to work. It was so much fun! Little Big Daughter wanted to put them in the colour herself and was very proud.
I decided to show her an old method which my grandmother taught me when I was I little girl. It involves a little bit of cotton or in our case a couple of eye cotton pads – you know the ones to remove make up with. The eggs turned out so nice, covered in lovely mixture of pastel colours. 

Here is how it is done...

 Use a tea spoon to drop a bit of egg colour onto the cotton pad. You could choose a single colour, a couple of colours or a mix of all the colours.

 Yes…we ( Lovely Little Big Daughter) chose to use all of the colours…

And now the just wrap your boiled egg with the coloured cotton pad. We had to use two pads per egg. The pads can be used to colour more than one egg.

Wait 5 min...

...and unwrap the egg...

If you don’t want to have the little lines you could use plain cotton or a plain pad, but I think they actually add  a bit of extra charm…

Simple...isn't it?


And the rest of our Easter eggs…

But the fun was not over yet…an enormous Easter package arrived from my parents-in-law containing the loveliest goodies ever…see for yourself.

And to top things up Mollie Makes – you know, the lovely British craft magazine, are offering half price on all of their issues through out the Easter Holiday weekend….so I stocked up on the few missing issues.

Have a Lovely Easter!


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  1. Ahhh!!! So fun! Thanks for sharing.

  2. What is that cute magazine with the kids on it?

  3. What is that cute magazine with the kids on it?

    1. It is a knitting magazine called Inspiration but I am afraid it is in German, sorry!

  4. Omg, how awesome! I have a whole pack of these cotton pads, I think I'm going to try doing this tomorrow and Sunday! Thanks for sharing! :D

    1. You are welcome! I used two large or four small make up pads per egg. Have fun!

  5. Wow i love the effect of those eggs, that's so easy too. How nice of your in-laws to send you such a lovely box of goodies, how lovely. Happy Easter :)

  6. hello irina,
    wonderful easter eggs!!! thanks for sharing!!
    happy easter!!!
    love regina

  7. DO you mix the food coloring w/vinegar & water? And thats what you used to drop onto cotton pads?

    1. Hi Lynne, I made the dye as per the packaging instructions - with water and vinegar and it was that mixture that I than dropped onto the cotton pads. Have fun making them!

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