2 Jul 2012

Zippered purse

{leaving gift}

Today is the first day of the summer holidays here in the state of Hessen. Frankfurt already feels a bit emptier and calmer than normal, and judging by the available parking spaces on our street I guess quite a few people have taken advantage of the holidays and left the city. What I mean by “taken advantage” is that school children are not allowed to take time off during the school year so everyone goes on holiday at the same time - but you knew that already right…I didn’t…my girl is still in Kindergarten so we don’t have to worry…but give it another two years, we’ll be part of the holiday crowd.

One of the teachers at Lovely Little Big Daughter’s kindergarten left and as a leaving gift I made her this little bag…I was given the size and also there was a request for flat bottom and two pockets inside (sorry no photo of said pockets). I found a great tutorial for the bag complete with an instruction of how to make the pattern. I love it and you can check it out here at Sew Together.

 And just in case you are like me and are looking for new blogs to read than here are a couple of links to check out…
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Have a lovely week!



  1. It looks great and I love the colour combination. I hope you enjoy the holidays!

  2. Very beautiful, Irina! I love make zippered purses!!

  3. Love the fabric co-ordination with the ribbon, Irina. Looks fabulous!!!

  4. Hi Irina,

    here, in NRW, the summer holidays start on 7th July.
    What an adorable teachers' leaving gift! Great idea to add pockets inside!
    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog - unfortunately my two cats still don't get along. Haven't given up hope yet ;-)

  5. Hallo Irina, we just came back from our summervacation and what did I sew when I looked at your blog? How can you keep such a secret? He is so lovely!


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