1 Nov 2012

Halloween Cake Pops Party

We had a lovely Halloween party yesterday…Lovely Little Big Girl and her friends had a lot of fun…they had their faces painted, run down the street scaring people and generally behaved like cheeky little people who have eaten way too many sweets.

I decided to give myself a little challenge and had a go at making cake pops. I’ve always wanted to make cake pops but thought they were too complicated and so always left it for next time. Oh, I should have tried ages ago…they were so easy to make and they were delicious. I mean you can’t go wrong with a chocolate cake pop, dipped in chocolate and than covered with chocolate sprinkles, can you? No not really!

So I won’t bore you with more details, here are a few photos…

Sorry I have used the flash on most photos. I have a new camera, well new to me and still trying to find my way around.

And here is Lovely Little Boy. He is already four and a half months...I know, time just flies by!

By the way he is wearing a little outfit which I made for his sister when she was nine months old. Although the Pumpkin costume is made from a Halloween bag and an old Zara t-shirt, it has a special santimental value for me…it was the very first thing I ever made using my sewing machine…and so that’s how it started…my love for sewing!

And so I am making a point here. I know it is a sewing blog (originally, hence the name) so I promise to do more sewing projects alongside my ever expanding crafting horizon ( smiley face).

Hope you are having a good week!



  1. Looks like a fantastic Halloween party, Irina! I'm in awe of those cake pops ... hope your daughter enjoyed everything. She's lucky to have such a creative Mum!

  2. What a fun party - I want to eat those cake pops!


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