6 Jun 2011

Free Motion Embroidery

Anyone who has ever attempted free motion embroidery on their sewing machine would know that it is quite tricky! Yes, believe me…quite tricky! In my case the bottom thread often gets chewed and creates lumps which stop me from moving the fabric. And since the stitch size has to be set to zero, it is all in the hands of the sewer, and despite the fact that my knuckles go white from gripping the embroidery hoop I always fail to follow the line I have pre drawn. What can I say, it is annoying…and what makes it even more annoying is that a man (OK, I am being a bit feminist here) has managed to master this not-so-easy-to-master technique and without any drawing or the use of a embroidery hoop is able to create the neatest free motion sewing!

I was pretty speechless the first time I saw this video. The man in question, Paul Nosa, is an American artist who creates his own label and with the help of his solar powered sewing machine tours the world to show his skill – if only I could do it too! The sewing not the touring, although having said that, sewing touring is actually not a bad idea!!!

Irina xx


  1. I'm terrified to even attempt that!

  2. Oooo, this is very exciting. I have just started doing a bit of free-hand embroidery on top of appliqued cushion covers (something I'm blogging about at the mo) but alas, I am nowhere near as successful as this. I'm most terrified by the idea of trying to embroider letters on - for some reason, I just know that it will all end in tears! Thanks for your post.


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