1 Jun 2011

Love letter

Just wanted to share with you a photo which Lovely Mum sent me of the letter shaped cushion I made for her last week. It's the letter D, and mum requested that it was made in soft shades. She quite likes light browns, creams and pale greens. So I made it in beige gingham and chose linen fabric for the side. I also choose the dark brown piping to compliment the light colours and make the shape stand out! My mum loves it!

I love you mum!

Irina xx


  1. I love you too and I love my letter cushion D, the best present ever !
    Mama xxx

  2. This is a beauty! I love the piping for definition.

  3. this is beautiful!
    I just found your post when looking for some advice on how to sew a 3d letter A.

    I'm really struggling to figure out how you sew the inside hole of the letter inside out? Would your Mum perhaps be able to advise?

    Many thanks in advance.

  4. Click here (and translate to English!) for a tutorial!



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