22 Jul 2011

Summer Fruit Lollies

I wanted to make some fruit lollies for ages and these Watermelon, Organic Vanilla Yogurt and Cherries lollies are so sweet and absolutely yummy…

I only had red fruits this time but will try them again with other fruits as they were so easy to make…

Irina xx


  1. These look yum! I can't wait until summer comes round here DownUnder. Can I ask how you made them? I'll bookmark it for future reference :)

  2. I love your creativity :-)Where do you get your ideas from ?
    mama xxxx

  3. They look refreshing and delicious! The flavours sound wonderful together.

  4. Thanks! Petiteleit, I deseeded some watermelon and made it into a liquid using a blender. I filled up my lollie moulds about 1/3 and put them in the freezer for about 45 min. I only needed the surface of the water melon to get a bit hard so I can than add the yogurt, straight form the jar, and back in the fridge for another 45min or even longer. The final layer was made out for cherries blended with a bit of water, but I need to warn you – stains from cherries a really tough, you might want to use a different coloured fruit :-)I added the wooden sticks together with the last flavour and the yogurt was a bit too hard, maybe leave it in the freezer only until it gets a bit set. Happy lollie making!

  5. mmmm - these look yummy - I love the different layers. I'm definitely going to give this a go!

  6. So pretty and looks so yummy!


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