21 Jul 2011

In The Bottom Drawer

A recent post from “A spoonful of sugar” prompted me to look for my own UFO’s…oh dear!

I never start a new book, before I finish the old one so I simply assumed that this rule will somehow subconsciously be applied to my sewing and creating projects…and I managed to keep up with it for a while until I discovered my UFO’s drawer. I didn’t really know I had a UFO drawer, but it is there, the very last one in my wonky metal cabinet and through the holes of the mesh I could see things, long ago started but never finished. Yes things, not one, not two but many big or small sewing attempts which for one reason or another were never completed.

Whole nine UFO's were patiently waiting to be rediscovered:
A slice of cake waiting to have the "chocolate" stick sewn back
A duck I made a couple of years ago who's leg needs repairing

A soft ball, otherwise ready but missing the final stitch
A robot cushion I started before Christmas
Train cushion started at the same time as above
Oh dear, remember this one...still unfinished
After I made six letter cushions I got a bit bored hence the unfinished M
I was going to make continuous bias tape but never got round to doing it
Baby bed decoration...
Let’s see which one to start first!

Do you have UFO's lurking in some bottom drawer?
Irina xx


  1. i have some, but they are mostly in my head!

  2. Hi!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment, it made my day. Glad you liked the Sew Hip mouse, my sister really liked the one I made for her for Xmas too.

    You have some lovely UFO's - you must set yourself a goal of finishing one every month or something, I seem to scatter my half-finished projects all over the house, so I think I need a basket too, to focus my mind!

  3. Great ! Can I have the small cushion with LOVE and a heart please...I am your biggest fan :-)
    Love you
    mama xxxxx

  4. What a delightful drawer - lots of lovelies here to finish. The baby bed decoration is very sweet.

  5. I love UFOs because all you need is a bit of grit, determination, and a free day, and suddenly you've managed to get them all finished. You have to wait til you're in the right mood, but then it's great to just tick, tick, tick the things off and end up with a whole stash of new stuff. I love the look of the letter cushions - what a nice gift that would make for a birthday. What do you stuff these cushions with?


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