22 Aug 2011

Another Rainy Day

{ Another Cake - Upside Down Apple and Cinnamon Cake}

The weather surprised us a bit yesterday so instead of going to the local park we ended up staying at home, sheltering from the rain. A few apples somehow ended up in our fruit basket so I decided to make an apple cake.
Lovely Husband was very pleased and saw his way through a quarter of the cake; I however did not find the cake so appealing. It tasted much better with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.

Never the less it was easy to make so I guess I will try out a few different recipes to see which one works best especially as Apple time is fast approaching here in Germany.

Wishing you all a lovely week!
Irina xx

P.S. And is it just me or does the cinnamon looks like its burnt.


  1. In genau der gleichen Zeit habe auch ich einen Apfelkuchen gebacken, er kam so heiß aus dem Ofen, dass wir nach dem Regen in den local park gegangen sind und den Kuchen danach gegessen haben. You can try it tomorrow.

  2. Yes - the weather keeps surprising us and I keep getting very, very wet! But the forecast for the next few days looks OK.

    I love apple cake - must find a gluten free recipe for one!

  3. The weather is unpredictable.While reading this post, outside my window also rain drops falling from the sky xD

    The apple cake look yummy!!

  4. Yummy looking cake! Anything with apple has to be good.

    Thanks for the kind comment on my blog,

    Sarah @ Kiwi Gets Crafty

  5. I love apple pie! And for sure it tastes more yummy with ice cream ;)

  6. apple & cinnamon, the perfect combination.

    weather here is getting quite nice, warm sunny days, beautiful for walks to the park.

    hope you have a happy day & thanks for the sweet words ♥

  7. Hi Irina, just dropping by to say hello (couldn't find an email addy for you?) and thanks for popping in at my place to give me the good news! And no, the cinnamon doesn't look burnt, only delicious!

  8. Hi Irina!
    My hubby loves any cake with apples, too.
    I mostly make muffins or a crumble.

    Do you know the ribbons from Kafka?
    Just google "Bänderei". Nearly can not stop me - when I see one - from buying.

    Have a great time!

  9. This looks yum! I wonder if it would work with pears, I have plenty of those I need to use...

  10. Oh it looks delicious, i bet it smelt gorgeous & tasted scrumptious too, love Posie

  11. delicious cake!

  12. That does looks yum. The cinnamon doesn't look burnt at all. But I have to admit, Apple cake AND ice-cream really appeals :)

  13. mmnn...I think the cinnamon looks delish, and I'm with petiteleit, ice cream on mine please!

  14. Apple and cinnamon are a winning combination! I could do with a big slice of that now with a dollop of cream:)


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