7 Aug 2011

Frankfurt Calling

 { Fräulein Zuckerminz’ Designgesellschaft}

Wow, wow, wow! Hamburg, Berlin and Munich say hello to the new kid on the craft block – Frankfurt!

Frankfurt showed its creative side this weekend as the “Fräulein Zuckerminz’ Designgesellschaft” ( Miss Sugarmint Fair) took place, and I had the privilege to be part of what was a fantastic event, where I met some lovely, lovely people, received the most amazing feedback on my creations and had the most fun I’ve had in a while!
The Fair was organised by the lovely Kirsten from “Obst und junges Gemüse” – a kind of a hero mum who (together with her two year old, who was on Kindergarten vacation) managed to put together over a number of weeks the best craft fair Frankfurt has ever seen!
There were twenty five designers and craft people and the attendance of the fair exceeded my expectations and I heard that people simply described it as fabulous or as the Germans say “ Unglaublich”!

I am still full of a mix of positive emotions and it was such an amazing learning experience, actually being out there selling my things and feeling part of such a fantastic creative community.

Here are just a few photos of how my stand looked and needless to say I was very proud!

And in a typical German Fair tradition everyone donated a hand made cake to a little cake stand which in the duration of the day sold coffee and cake to raise extra money. My Chocolate cake had a little marketing twist to it as I decided to decorate the cake with some little flags bearing the name of my label “ Horstman and Little” – each one embellished with a small piece of fabric – in my two favourite patterns  - polka dots and gingham! 

Here are just some of the lovely creative people I met, so do have a peek at their blogs or websites when you have a minute:

Obst und junges Gemüse – gorgeous kinds T -shirts decorated with happy fabric embellishments

Ellis and Higgs – a fellow mum who makes some absolutely beautiful kids things – in her very own unique style.

Lili’s Loft – lovely handmade purses and my favourite of all summer shoes – espadrilles, in this case beautifully embellished.

Gold Kaetzchen – some really cute hand made fabric buttons and magnets and trendy bags – and we all know there is no such thing as too many bags.

Tassen . tv – the loveliest cups and breakfast bowls, with super sweet smiley faces in 3D – for a change designed by guys, yay!

Tia Emma – they actually have a shop selling really quirky things like vintage stamps and cards amongst other funky finds and also stock some of the “oh-so-hard-to-get-hold-of ” German creative magazines.

Zialee - lovely cream printed cushions, bags and T-shirts. Clever.

There were also jewellery stands and hand sewn clothes to mention just a few – something for everyone!

I learned a lot from my first Craft Fair and although I am still a novice I now know a lot more about how to attend a craft fair than I did a couple of days ago – so suitably my next blog post will be titled “A beginners guide to preparing and attending a craft fair” – so please do came back and have a look!

Have a lovely week!

Irina xx


  1. I have been at the craft fair and admired everything at your both. I am happy that I heard from this market. I always thought that is so sad that there is no craft community around, but there is one and that is great. Hopefully many craft fairs follow. Sorry about my bad English.


  2. Wow, lovely booth and gorgeous cake -LOVE the cute marketing twist, so clever!

    Nice to hear that FRA had something like this; I'll have to check in more often and see if similar events come up b/c it looks like a lot of fun!

  3. MamaBird also stopped by and was blown away. That doesn't happen all that often! Will have to get a bunch of stuff organized and get there to sell as well!! you have really pretty stuff and i am really proud of you!

  4. Your stall looks so beautiful, and stocked with so many lovely things! You should be very proud :)
    Love the marketing twist on your cake...great idea!

  5. I love those letter cushions so much! And the cake does look great (it's making my belly rumble actually). Really lovely - looking forward to hearing your tips on preparing for a craft fair.

  6. Irina, it looks like your stall was a great success. I wish I'd known about the craft fair as I would have come along - I only live half an hour outside Frankfurt.

    Thanks for visiting my blog ... you asked about my fabric shopping in the UK. I was in Birmingham and there were some fantastic fabric shops - from the conventional (quite expensive) quilting shops to some very cheap fabric warehouses piled high with fabric. I made most of my purchases at the warehouses. I'm struggling to find good fabric suppliers in the Frankfurt area - do you have any recommendations for me?

  7. Hi Irnia! Thank you for visiting my blog.
    Seems it is a bit late at night. My grammar and spelling gets awful - so I had to remove my first try to comment. I really love your blog. Your booth must have been beautiful. I like your cushion with the train very much. Frankfurt - I have not been there for ages - does the Sushimoto still exists? It was a Japanese restaurant in Zeilgalerie - best sushi I can remember.

  8. Hallo Irina, thank you for your nice words. I also love the tradition with our Schultüten. When I saw the little ones this morning with their proud faces and there big Schultüten, I was so happy for them. You can use the pictures of our Schultüten in you post. I can send you an E-Mail with a few pictures and you can use the pictures with my Kids as well. Have you seen the sewn ones on Da Wanda? Unfortunately our Kindergarten teacher is making our Schultüten, so I don’t have to do it by myself. I have to tidy up my blog and if I found the followers button, I will add it. I am not very good with this computer thing.


  9. Hey there Irina,
    A wonderful blog you have! Your work is amazing!
    thank you for reading and commenting my article about the "schultueten"...
    I’d be very proud if you wrote something about it. Of course you can use the pictures. I’d like to read your blogpost afterwards Feel free to send me the link!

    Thank you for your interest,
    yours, Anke

  10. Wow, your stall looks fabulous, hope it was a success, I look forward to your beginners guide next. The chocolate cake looks divine, good idea about the cake flags! I love the baby balls in your picture, what a great idea, you should get an online/Etsy/Folksy shop.

  11. Sorry, you did not win the pillow-cover. I hope you have more luck next time. Try again.

  12. That looks like amazing fun! What a lot of lovely things you've been sewing up. I bet you did very well!

    Thanks for the comment, and tip about Marimekko fabric. I've seen that, too, and am very excited to be planning a visit to their shop in Copenhagen in the next few weeks -- maybe to score some fabric!

  13. wow! your stand looks fantastic! I'm planning to have a stand at our Christmas market this year and Im working on my stock, I hope it looks as pretty!

  14. You are so talented! Beautiful items ... I especially love the letter pillows.

    Love your blog. I'm your newest follower.

  15. Liebe Irina,
    danke für Deinen netten Kommentar und die Erwähnung in Deinem Post! Ich habe es bei frl zuckerminz leider nicht geschafft, mir alle Stände in Ruhe anzusehen. Bist Du demnächst auf einen Markt im Rhein-Main Gebiet? Vielleicht trifft man sich ja mal wieder!

    Viele Grüße, Katharina

  16. Loving the canvas's cupcakes and owls :)

  17. Your stall looks AMAZING!! I love the stuffed letters, and the cushions, and the canvases, and the balls!!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such lovely comments - I could not reply to you by email as your email address does not show up in your blogger profile.


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