19 Sep 2011

Being frugal

{and the felted jumper}

I bought this jumper a couple of years ago for Lovely Husband. It is 100% merino wool and I quite liked the colour. Only after a few months in shrunk in the washing machine and became mine. Well it shrunk again and than it found its self in the pile of clothes destined to the local charity shop. 

I have been wanting to make something using felt for ages and so I decided to recycle the jumper and make something for Lovely Little Daughter.

I found the inspiration between the pages of Marie Claire Idees – I love those little cardigans…

I wasn’t sure about the quality of the felt and how it is going to turn out, so first I made a jumper for my girl's little teddy – which in her case is a giant mouse.

Well, you know I am not good at making clothes but the result was actually not too bad.

I made my own bias tape and if you haven’t got a bias tape making tool than I suggest you to get one – it is easy to use, the tape is done in no time and I love the fact that I can use any fabric…in this case some Liberty prints would have been great but sadly I had none left.
Both Lovely Daughter and Lovely Giant Mouse were very pleased.

Wishing you all a lovely week!

Irina xx

P.S. Off to clean my sewing machine now as felt leaves so much fluff, it’s unbelievable.


  1. They both look stunning! I love the kimono look, very cute

  2. These turned out really well; super cute! And yes, a bias tape maker is wonderful, no? I finally got one last month and am all excited about it, ha! =)

  3. You say 'not too bad' - I say amazing!! They are totally gorgeous! Great job. And I think I must get myself a bias binding tool!

  4. I bet they were pleased! What a great way to recycle an old jumper!!

  5. They worked brilliantly! A great way to recycle.

  6. Not good at sewing? As if... your work rocks!! Lovely daughter and lovely teddy are very lucky to have a lovely Mommy that makes lovely (and awesome) clothes! Chapeau!

  7. Yeah, ganz süße Sachen, aber jetzt geht es mit dem Kommentar, habe Mozilla runtergeladen....

  8. Oh wow! You are so talented, how on earth...?! I wouldn't know where to start yet both looks so perfect!

  9. everything is wonderful!
    The baby will be happy =)

  10. Oh they are both adorable!!! Great idea :)

    How do you felt the woolly jumper??

  11. Thank you.... they are all fantastic ideas..

  12. Thanks for the comment on my "Summer Outfit For Baby" My eldest daughter was in Germany for your Summer visiting my brother in Berlin. She also went to Munich, Hamburg and went on a Sound of Music tour to Austria. You have a great blog and a new follower :-) Did you make this jumper without a pattern? Very clever. I love it!


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