7 Sep 2011

So exciting

{ a blog award}

Oh how exciting, the lovely Angela from Bingecrafter has decided to give me an award…thank you so much Angela, you are so sweet!
 I am not entirely sure what to do, but I guess I can use the occasion and answer a few questions to help you get to know me a bit better:

1. Favorite color: anywhere between brown and tobacco green (although lately I have gone out of my comfort zone and ventured into reds and yellows)
2. Favorite song: Oh, so many – my husband and I spend endless evenings in front of YouTube, taking turns to select favourite songs and to ask “Remember this one…?”
3. Favorite dessert: Pavlova anytime
4. What upsets you at the moment: rudeness and ignorance
5. Favorite pet: that would be my mum’s cat Richie
6. Black or white: black
7. Biggest fear: that something bad might happen
8. Best feature: I am quite straight forward ( not sure if that is not worst feature actually)
9. Everyday attitude: positive
10. What is perfection? Something that gives me a lot of hassle…I wish I was less of a perfectionist
11. Guilty pleasure?  Champagne
12. When I'm upset... I call my mum or my husband or my best friend – and usually feel much better afterwards

And here are my nominations:

Rachel at Four Wise Monkeys
Astird at Red Red Completely Red
Janine at Heidi in Lederhosen 
Suzitee at Stitch Scrap Sew 
Gabi at Good luck - its me 

Irina xx


  1. Congratulations!! And well-deserved - I, too, enjoy reading what you've been up to and use it for inspiration.
    Talking about inspiration - I'm nodding in agreement regarding pavlova. That's pretty high up on my list as well :)
    Congratulations again - and I'm off to check out some of these other bloggers you have nominated.

  2. CONGRATS on your award!!!!!! You so deserved it, because I love your work!
    THANK YOU so much for your nomination and I have blogged about my award and yourself of course here: http://heidiinlederhosen.blogspot.com/2011/09/another-award-for-heidi.html

    This means a lot to me being a rookie in both blogging and sewing!
    Its lovely to be appreciated - thanks again!

    Alles Liebe,
    Janine aka Heidi :D

  3. Thank you for my award Irina...you are very kind xxx and congratulations! I've loved learning a little more about you!


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