11 Jan 2012

Birthday Party – Part 1

{Gather your items}

Look what the postman brought for me today…a box full of goodies! Lovely! All ( well, almost all) the things I need to start preparing Lovely Little Daughter’s Unicorn Birthday Tea Party – a mere three weeks away.

I always like American birthday parties - OK, I think that sometimes they are a bit over the top but never the less all the colour coordination, and the themes, and the yummy ( not always healthy) food…it is just nice.

So I have thrown myself a challenge – to make a yummy looking buffet style table in white, pink and purple, to create some pretty room decoration, to make some little favours for the girls and…well that’s about it. Did I mention the cake and the food? And did I mention it is all on a budget? I already feel a bit overwhelmed and think I should have started before Christmas, but it is supposed to be fun, so I am not stressing about it.

Can you see my new Hot Glue Gun – I can’t believe I haven’t acquired one of those clever tools ages ago…I mean people have been using it for centuries, right…I can’t wait to give it a try.

Irina xx


  1. I am curious to see part 2. Hope your girl will have a lovely party.

  2. oh good - I love a little girls party planning and I can steal all your ideas - yay!! happy new year:)

  3. Nice thoughts. when will you publish its second part?
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  4. Hi again!
    Great news over here:

    See you!

  5. ohh, a unicorn-party!! perfect, my little girl is crazy about unicorns too =)
    so could you maybe tell me, where you got the little unicorn-cookie-cutter?


  6. i am anxiously looking forward for part 2...it is really nice!!!!
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