31 Jan 2012

Happy Birthday to a little big girl

{ 4 today}

Our little big girl is 4 years old today! Wow, it was only yesterday that she came into our lives, a tiny little person, with lots of black hair who made the funniest movements and smiled in her dreams. 

We were totally besotted with her; my husband refusing to give her to the nurses for the nights and me completely confused, both scared and delighted with this little person who smelled so lovely.

There have been many surreal moments that I had to pinch myself to actually believe that this little girl, who has her own character, her own thoughts and ideas is our daughter – nobody could have ever prepared me for the love I’d feel for this little person.

And today this little girl is not so little – she proudly announced this morning that she is 4 and now she is a big girl! 

She amazes us ever day, draws the most beautiful pictures for us and can write hers and our names, insists that mummy and daddy take turns to read a story each night and gives a big count down before we switch the light off. She loves pretending to be a cat and packs her dolls and clothes and goes on pretend trips with her imaginary friends. She is just so special!

To our little big girl we wish a Fabulous Birthday!

Irina aka mummy and Lovely Husband aka daddy xx


  1. Herzlichen Glückwunsch von uns allen für die Kleine, an die ich mich auch noch im Maxi Cosy erinnere mit den vielen Haaren .... LG Anja

  2. Happy Birthday! I wish you a lovely and magical birthday party.

  3. Happy Birthday to your little big girl!!!

    Irina, I am the one who has to thank you for sharing with us your beautiful craft, and for the chance I had to post about your work on my blog.

    I wish you a lovely day with your lovely family.

  4. Please accept my congratulations! I wish that you all will be good!

  5. Hi Irina!! I have a little gift to you in my blog!!
    Happy birthday to your little girl!!!

  6. happy birthday to your little girl!
    my little one is turning five in two months and I 'am SO going to "steal" all of your unicorn-ideas as long as she wants a unicorn-party (and as she wants to be a unicorn on "Fasching" I guess this is very possible)...
    so thank you very much for sharing!

    have fun in London!


  7. Happy Birthday to my gorgeous little-big granddaughter !
    I am so proud of her and also so proud of her lovely mummy who amazes me every day with great ideas and creativity :-)
    With lots of love from omi xxxxxxxxxx

  8. What a lovely tribute to your little lady.


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