3 Jan 2013

Headband holder

{a quick tutorial}

Happy New Year! Hope you all had a nice time over the festive period and didn’t spend too much time on Pinterest like I did. I do like Pinterest a lot, I mean a lot, but I noticed lately that I go to look at an old pin but end up spending hours pinning new pins and hence don’t have enough time to make anything.

So today I had a spare hour and decided to make something quickly for my little girl. I saw something like it on Pinterest but it was pinned from that new website Joybx.com and so it had no link to the source.

Well, if you have a girl you already know that even a four year old has as many as ten Alice bands. Yes, in pink, red, denim or glitter…you name it.

The headband holder was really easy to make and you’ll need :

some ribbon - all the ribbons I used were pieces left from other projects
a metal key chain ring
some kind of flower or glitter stone to embellish the holder
sewing machine
hot glue gun

  1. Sew both the top and bottom ribbon together
  2. Cover the metal ring with a ribbon – use the hot glue gun
  3. Turn the end of the ribbon where the two ribbons are sewn together and add the ribbon loop holding the metal ring. Sew in place.
  4. Use the top ribbon to make some loops and sew them with a straight and backwards stitch. I wasn’t too worried to make the loops the same size as some Alice bands are wider than others. Make as many loops as you need.
  5. Use the hot glue gun and attach the flower on the very top part of the holder and you are ready.
One of my New Year resolutions is “No More Bad Blog Photos” but I can see I’ve got a long way to go. Off to bed now with my new book “The crafters guide to taking great photos”, I’ve heard that it’s great.

Irina xx


  1. What a great way to store headbands and it looks so easy to make, Irina.

  2. I should make one since I often broke my headbands. Thanks for sharing the idea, Irina ~


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