17 May 2011

A post in between

I have been thinking a lot since I read a post on another blog about what makes us read blogs. It has been quite an eye opener and it kind of really left me thinking, about a lot of blog related things. And I’ve decided that I can’t just get away with making average photos and post average posts, so I have been searching the internet for help on how to make good photos. Obviously I only have my camera – a Sony Cyber shot 7.2 mega pixels, which is great for “average, a bit blurry, but who cares” holiday snaps, but absolutely ( or maybe not so ) useless for lovely detailed photos in vivid colours ( or maybe I should research Photoshop instead).

Lovely Husband on the other hand has his Canon bladi-bladi-bla with two different lenses and who knows how many features. Well I have been gently asked not to use it and even if I did, he is the only one who has the software for downloading the snaps and also I think he still has all the photos since he first got the camera, a good couple of thousand.

So I have just found out how to take close up photos, and although the light isn’t perfect and there is still a lot ( a lot, a lot) to be desired, I had to share my latest project or at least bits of it. I hope to show you more very soon.

Also I would like to share the link to the blog Zuhause in Germany, where I read the post about 5 Reasons Why I Read Your Blog – a very thoughtful and actually funny read.

And here is a video I recently watched called The Story of Stuff, on a blog written by the husband of my friend Gingerbread Dough Mummy. This is a video about consumerism and although a tad long it is absolutely worth seeing ( if you haven’t seen it already on youtube).

I wish I could change the world!

Irina xx

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  1. For detailed shots, check if your camera has a macro setting. Normally indicated by a little flower :) That's designed for taking close ups (less than a metre from your subject).
    Failing that, nag hubby into taking the photos with his camera for you :D
    Though I think your photos are great regardless - I wouldn't stress out about it!


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