15 May 2011

T-shirt Challenge - Part 1

I went to a little Crafts Fair on Saturday and I was absolutely pleased to see so many mums (and not only mums) who are into sewing and making lovely things here in Frankfurt. It was very nice to see what other people have made and I was thrilled that finally I found some like minded people ( a very good incentive to work on my Deutsch).

Everything was very nice and I quite liked the embellished kids T-shirts by „Obst & junges Gemüse“ and the dresses made from Daddy’s old shirt by Papas Hemd, very cute… I have taken some old shirts out of the box and hope to have a go at this soon.

But first I decided to set myself a little challenge and see what I can do with the old (and possibly stained) T-shirts of Little Daughter before they end up in the bin. I have decided over the next week to transform five old T-shirts into cool “new” T-shirts. How? I don’t know yet, but I’d like to try! However all T-shirts will be for girls so I hope mums of boys will excuse me!

And here is T-shirt No1 – Candy Floss.

I bought this T-shirt for 1euro at a flea market last year and it took a lot of wearing. No wonder it is quite stained and also it has a couple of small holes on one of the sleeves. Well rather than throw it away I decided to have a go at it and see if I can make something nice out of it.

T-shirt before

What I did was to remove the sleeves. I ironed one of the sleeves and used it as a pattern to make new sleeves out of pink gingham.  If the sleeves are in good condition I guess they can be kept and added to another T-shirt. Mine are going in the bin.

I decided to make them a bit girlie and made them puffed at the end.

Sleeves done, I had to cover the stains. I love fabric yo-yo’s. I haven’t really made or used yo-yo’s before but they took only 5 minutes each to make. I added a button to cover the thread and make it look like a flower. The steam design came out of nowhere, in fact the whole design just happened as I was making it.

And here is the result:

Little Daughter loved it!

Another one tomorrow!

Irina xx

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