16 May 2011

T-shirt Challenge - Part 2

So here is T-shirt No2 - Strawberry Jam.

I chose this one because I think Little Daughter will be too big for it by the time she will wear long sleeves again, and it is not too ruined, only slightly less red, from too many washes. Red is Little Daughters favourite colour and it actually suits her really well.

T-shirt before

So here is what I did. First I removed the sleeves. Ironed one of the sleeves and used it as a pattern (no surprise here). Initially I wanted a short puffed sleeve, but since I am not a seamstress, and don’t really know what I am doing, I cut it way too long and it ended up being sort of three quarter length.

The T-shirt after

I did puffed sleeve yesterday so today I wanted to make something different. It is funny how checks and dots shouldn’t really work together! I grew up being told that mixing colours or prints doesn’t work. I actually took this for granted, and never really tried! But today as I was playing with the different fabrics I realised that this is not completely true…and I think that the red gingham works lovely with the red polka dot!

The hardest part for me when making something is when to stop…should I just leave the sleeves, or should I add a collar or a cupcake appliqué, pockets or yo-yo’s or maybe some other kind of embellishment. Well as Little Daughter tried it I decided that sometimes less is actually more, so only sleeves!

"Yawn, oh mummy, can I go now!"

Another one on Wednesday!

Love ,
Irina xx

P.S. I have just received a permission from Lovely Husband to use his Canon camera, so I really hope I can produce some better photos.

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