18 Mar 2011

Cupcakes for Clara

As I already told you that I can't find the cable to download the photos from my camera, I would like to tell you about some of my favourite things on the web.
Before I even new that blogs existed, I somehow came across a blog which I have grown to love...it is Cupcakes for Clara. Clara, being a little, slightly cheeky felt girl, who is absolutely adorable (despite the fact that she is so cheeky). Her creator is Laura who has recently published her first book...you guessed it, it’s all about felt toys. The book and the creations inside are super cute...my daughter is only three, so I might be getting the book for myself.
Here is a link to the blog "Cupcakes for Clara" where you can find more about said book...put the kettle on and enjoy...


Irina xx


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  2. Ah Irina you are lovely! What a beautifully kind and lovely post! So glad you like my blog. Think I'll be putting the kettle on and having a little browse around here xx


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