19 Mar 2011

A soft ball for a little boy

A few weeks ago my brother and sister-in-law welcomed a new addition to their family - a lovely baby boy called Simon, a little brother to a very cute young man called Jonas. And what better excuse than to start making some little baby goodies ( I am not sure if I have mentioned before but I find more inspiration when I know that my creations will get immediate use).
And when I looked at the fabric I got in New York last week I immediately knew that I wanted to use the Aliens and Music Notes patterned fabrics - they are so sweet. It was a real shame they were just end of roll and I couldn't buy more - well I guess it makes the ball that bit more special.

I found a lovely tutorial on Sew Mama Sew. In fact the balls are made by Laurraine from Patchwork Pottery, another one of my favourite blogs. The tutorial contained the best tip - when cutting the pieces cut on the bias, it makes a huge difference.

I also wanted to make the ball a bit more interesting for a baby and added some cotton ribbons; I think they feel much nicer than polyester ones. Luckily I had enough to go around. However you will see that I need a lot of practice to get the pieces to look perfectly sewn together - it was a bit tricky, I admit.

Also my label Horstmann & Little is there but the photo didin't come out very well. Really need to work on my photo taking skills!!!

I hope you like the ball, and I sure hope baby Simon will...
...next to come is a pink ball for a little girl who'll be one year old in a few weeks!


Irina xx


  1. I LOVE THAT!!

  2. wow! that looks great! I'll have to try it - and maybe put a jingle bell inside a little canister in the middle to make it jingle!
    Love that alien fabric too, it's so cute!

  3. I am glad you like it! It actually has a little bell inside but the sound is so low it was not worth mentioning it! I should have used a nice big bell! Thanks for stopping by!
    Off to make korker ribbons!!!

  4. It is lovely! I love the fabrics and the ribbons. I'm sure Simon will just love it.

  5. Lovely toy for a little baby Simon, great job.
    D :-)

  6. Hi there - Katie loves her soft ball! Thanks so much.



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