18 Mar 2011

A true SATC experience

On a recent trip to New York, I couldn't help but goggle in advance some fabric shops, and despite the rain and the strong desire to go back to Macy's I managed to make my way to a lovely shop full of amazing fabrics and other goodies, called The City Quilter.

Oh what an experience, a true Sew and the City affair! No three year olds to pull you out, no time schedule to follow, just a nice relaxing afternoon spent amongst yards of colourful fabrics, beautiful quilts hanging from the ceiling and any sewing gadgets that you can imagine. They even had a quilting class and I couldn’t help but peep around the corner and try to catch a tip or two…

I had to physically restrict myself overspending but still managed to buy yards of lovely fabric, some long quarters, the cutest pastel coloured buttons ever and very importantly dressmaker’s carbon paper. Not sure how to use it but I know it will come in handy. Oh, and also some Quilters freezer paper, I am sure I read somwehere about it...must be important.
And of course picked up a few American crafts magazines – can’t beat those!

Already made something with two of the fabrics and will show you tomorrow, promise.
Irina x

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  1. Oh what a lovely bundle of goodies. Freezer paper is awesome stuff - you can basically make stencils from it and iron them onto fabric, then peel them off without leaving any marks. I often use it to make patterns from for my felt illustrations (very handy for tiny pieces), but it's difficult to come across here in the UK - boo!


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