9 Feb 2013

Iron Pearls Gift Tag

{ we can't get enough of iron pearls in our home...}

Lovely Little Big Daughter recently discovered iron pearls and absolutely loves them. I like them too...I mean what's not to like? My child sits still and quiet for half an hour, concentrating and developing those fine motoring skills while creating something pretty, usually to give as a gift to mummy.

And so this morning, just after breakfast, still in our pyjamas came the request for iron pearls...and so I looked on Pinterest where I have been pinning some simple designs and we agreed on a little sweet strawberry. And since Lovely Little Big Daughter was getting ready to go to a birthday party we decided to make one for the birthday girl.

But as much as I like the finished items I always found them a bit useless...its good fun while making them but you can’t really do anything with them afterwards. And so a little idea came to my head and I decided to add thin ribbon to the top bead and create a tag. All i needed was a big needle. It was easy, quick and made the gift look that extra bit special!

The pink strawberry can be found here and the red one is a little creation of mine.

Lovely Little Baby is awake now and it's time to go to the shop and get the ingredients for a Clementine cake I would like to try. Yumm! Can’t wait!

Have a lovely weekend!

Irina xx


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