8 Feb 2013

Rainbow Birthday Party

{ and the magic of being five}

Its official...I am now the proud mum of a five year old...yes, I need to repeat that as it somehow doesn't seem to sink in...five year old...where did the time go?

Lovely Little Big Daughter had the time of her life last week when she celebrated with not one but two parties. The first party, quite impromptu, included all of her Kindergarten group mates who paid us a visit as a part of a special project. During the whole month of January the group visited each other houses and we were the last to be visited and so it happened to be my girls birthday, so we celebrated!

 And so this year the special theme request was Rainbow...i didn't realise how easy I had it last year when the colour of choice was pink...this year was much more challenging...but much more fun to make and it looked so pretty and colourful...

I made paper rosettes for the wall decoration as I have seem them on other blogs and always wanted to make some but had no real reason...and off course no rainbow party would be complete without a rainbow cake...and it was a big hit especially as everyone thought it was a plain vanilla cake...until I cut the first slice...

I need to add that all of the paper rosettes are made from wrapping paper. Especially for a rainbow display you need many different colors and mixed and matched - for example the red color is made of red polka dot and plain red and the purple is made of three different purples one which is shiny and one which is glitter.
So yes, wrapping paper works really good and there are so many choices you just need to be careful not to buy the too thin one.
Once you have folded one or two rosettes you get a feeling as to how it works and do not worry if you folds are not too precise. Try your best and I can tell you no one would notice.
As it was a wall display I found that laying the rosettes on the floor allowed me to see how they'd look on the wall. Once I was happy than I attached the rosettes one by one to the wall keeping as much as possible to my original floor layout.
With rosettes everything seems to work. You can leave space between rosettes or you can use smaller rosettes to cover gaps and hold bigger rosettes in place. The smaller rosettes are really quick to make and you can leave those for the end.
I tied up the folded rosettes with twine and left long (er) ends which I than tied up to make little hoops to hand onto the paper pins. The smaller the hoops the harder to attach to the wall but your rosettes will lie almost flat on the wall so it will look better.

For her "proper" birthday party Lovely Little Big Daughter invited nine friends...I didn't make a second birthday cake...the second time round a settled from rainbow decoration which my little girl did alone...a total proof how big she is...

I also made some cake pops...the mandatory popcorn served in inverted cup cake liners...there were also lots of M&M's , cheese sandwiches, melon, cucumber slices and finger bite sausages...the girls were not too interested in the food...they couldn't wait to have their faces painted and play rainbow fairies with their magic wands...

 And here is what each little girl took home - a rainbow magic wand, a rainbow head band and a rainbow crayon...the girls loved them ...
I can't believe I forgot to take a photo of all the magic wands together...they were so pretty and colourful...

Lovely Mum visited from England for the special occasion and I went a bid mad ordering things so I got some nice crafting supplies...
I love the Union Jack cupcake papers and those cheerful paper straws which I have been seeing all over American blogs but which you can't buy here in Germany...
The circle cutter was used immediately to cut some circles for the rainbow party and I can’t wait to use the paper and the butterfly cookie cutters for some type of crafting around Easter time...
Nope, there are no good food colours here in Germany and also no Skittles (although I recently saw some little boxes at the cashier desk in my local Rewe) so mum had to bring those too. The food colours were great and I used them for the Rainbow cake and by the looks of it they will last for a long time.

The day after her birthday, while brushing her teeth in the morning Lovely Little Big Daughter said to me        "Mummy, yesterday was the most beautify day in my life!"...Aaahhh! I love you so much, my little girl!

 Have a lovely weekend!

Irina xx

P.S. If you are planning a rainbow birthday party than check out my board on Pinterest...there are some great ideas and also links to the free printables that I used...


  1. I love your paper rosettes! Pinning :)

  2. What a colourful cake and party, you did your daughter proud.

  3. Wonderful, Luise is also very interested, much better than pink she said. We will have an adventure party this year, fortunately outside in the forest or so .... see you, bye, Anja

  4. Your paper rosettes are stunning!! I would use that for more than just party decorations! Thanks so much for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. a late happy birthday to your little big daugther!
    the rainbow-party looks fabulous, but this year I can't "steal" from you as my daughter requested a "dolphin-party" for her birthday.

  6. Everything looks amazing! I never thought to do face painting at a birthday party, but I think I will at my kids' parties this year.

  7. My little boy is having his 2nd birthday party this weekend and this was perfect party inspiration. You did a wonderful job. So cute!

  8. Oh yes, it was an amazind rainbow birthday and I was there :-)
    The rainbow cake was simply delicious.

  9. Cute party! Really LOVE the paper rosettes! Thanks for linking up to our party!:)

  10. what did you use for the centers of the rosettes?

    1. Hi Amy,

      I used my Fiskars circle cutters (see blog post, last photo, third row, first image) to cut circles in a matching color either from the wrapping paper used for the rosette or from a card paper.


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