28 Feb 2013

Cotton pads colored Easter eggs

{ a little twist from last year}

Tomorrow is the first of March which means that Easter is a mere four weeks away. Wasn't it Christmas just yesterday? Well, we do love Easter in our home, it just some how feels a bit sooner this year.
So today I took out my Easter supplies and little Easter bits and bobs which I bought last year after the holiday was over and hope I'll come up with some creative ideas to share with you.

But first things first - Easter eggs. There is no Easter without Easter eggs and in our home Easter egg decorating is taken very seriously. I usually boil up to thirty eggs which after decorating are displayed in a basket and left to grace the dining table for up to a week. Yes, in that week there are lots of egg sandwiches, eggs and brioche, eggs in salads, eggs taken to kindergarten...you get the idea!

Last year a showed you how to color eggs using make up cotton pads. You will find the old post and tutorial here.
I love how the eggs turn out each time... so colorful and really really happy.

So this year I decided to use the same technique but only apply one color at the time. I chose blue and green and I think the result is quite stylish.

Lovely Little Big Daughter was still off sick from kindergarten, and feeling much better she declared that summer was much more fun than winter..."because you are not sick and you can go the beach and eat ice cream". I had to agree...

Happy Easter crafting!

Irina xx


  1. This takes me right back to when I was at infant school, we used to have an egg decoration competition, Easter week the school hall was decorated with them so colourful, now I have to say, they didn't look as classy as the green and blue ones you have made this year they look lovely.

  2. Hi again, I have just looked at the tutorial and I have a question, is it just food colouring?

  3. Wonderful, this year I will try it, last year the post was too late for me, but this year - great that you remember us that Eastern and Spring is coming .... bye Anja

  4. Прелесть какая! Очаровательная цветовая гамма и фото неописуемые! Браво!

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