16 Feb 2013

Paper Covered Tin Cans

{ a 10 minute project }

Everybody is doing beautiful fabric or paper covered cans and boxes to mach their beautiful craft rooms and so I decided to have a go myself...no, not at having a beautiful craft room ( sigh), just at covering some cans with paper. 

It is all very much pretty straight forward...however I would like to introduce you to my second best friend ( after my hot glue gun) ...please enter the double sided tape...yes, it has proven itself useful on many occasions and now I just can't imagine not having one...it did a great job with those cans too.

The other slightly different thing that I did was to keep the clear plastic lid and use one of the tins to store my roll of jute twine...it worked lovely and it is so very easy to pull.

So here is what you need and a simple photo tutorial.

Paper - mine was double sided
Double sided tape
Ruler, mat and an exacto knife

My double sided tape is a bit thick so I cut it in half and used it to attach the paper to the back of the cans. If you have thinner double sided, tape than use one strip to attach each paper end.

About the little wooden stick you see on the photo - I planed to hot glue it to the bottom of the can but at the end it wasn't necessary...as you can see below.

Have a fabulous Sunday!

Irina xx


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