22 Apr 2011

Happy Easter!

In preparation for Easter, Little Daughter and I decided to make and decorate some Easter cookies! To help us have fun I invited my friends and their little ones. The lovely mummies made the most delicious cookie dough, which made the yummiest cookies ever! Special points go to ginger bread cookie dough mummy! Also big brownie points to “Best Baker Mummy” (no surprise there) as we all loved the short bread cookies!

It was not easy to keep occupied six little people sitting and waiting in anticipation to cut, decorate and most importantly eat cookies, but they all enjoyed colouring the colouring sheets which I printed off from Cupcakes for Clara. They are all characters from Laura’s new book “ One Stitch At A time“.

And here are the cookies…and yes, they were absolutely delicious!!!

At the end everyone took home a little bag of cookies...

Now we are going on a car trip, somewhere outside Frankfurt, possibly along the river Main or is it the Rhein ( I am never sure) to enjoy the nature and the environment as today is Earth Day!

Have a Happy Easter!

Irina xx


  1. Happy Easter Irina!
    Trust all this was great fun, all cookies look amazing and believe they were just delicious.
    Love, Diana xx

  2. Hope you and your family had a blessed Easter! It looks like the littlies had a blast decorating the cookies!


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