3 Apr 2011

Summer is on its way

Here in Frankfurt the weather over the weekend was absolutely lovely so it was definitely time to bring out my sunglasses. I gave up on expensive, designer sunglasses years ago, as they either get lost, sat on or simply scratched. So last week I bought a cheap pair from H&M that I can take to the park without worrying. However I couldn't bring myself to put them in my bag without a cover, and since they had none I made one.

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And after it took me twenty minutes to find a pair of glasses that belong to my little girl, I decided to make her a box to keep all her sun glasses in ( she has about four pairs more than I do). If you have seen my previous post you’ll know that I use a great tutorial created by Christina at The Sometimes Crafter – and I have to say: Beware the boxes are highly addictive!I found myself going through the house wondering what else needs boxing.

However this time I did not have enough inter-lining – I only purchased a little bit to try out if it was hard enough. So I cut two rectangular pieces and placed them on top of each other to make a big cross. Than I ironed said cross onto the back side of my chosen fabric and did the rest as per the tutorial. The box turned out fine and if anything it has a much stronger base.

pic namepic name

In hope of more sunny weather… and well looked after sunglasses...

Love, Irina xx

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  1. I love the little sunglasses motif - that's super cute. I really need to try make a stack of those fabric boxes, heaven knows I've got enough fabric!! Now you're just mocking me, showing off pretty embellished ones! :D


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