15 Apr 2011

My poor blog

If anyone out there wonders why my blog has suddenly gone all plain, it isn’t, it is just a stage of transformation, or so I would like to think. Everyday I see blogs which are absolutely gorgeous to look at, without even reading the posts, so I will not rest until I have a blog which is not simply a chosen template from blogger but a true representation of what I like and what I believe crafting and sewing is all about! So please bear with me and my blog until it reaches the ultimate stage of bloggness!!!
In the mean time crafting and sewing will continue as usual.

Irina xx


  1. I hope you keep blogging in the meantime! I'm so interested in that you're also a native English speaker who's sewing in Germany! =)

    ps-I know what you mean about blog design. I'm dying for something new myself and just can't seem to commit to anything (shocker). Good luck!

  2. Good luck with the blog re-design! I've been struggling with that, too. It's always more work than I think it will be!


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