17 Apr 2011

A yummy bag

There are lots of beautiful rucksacks or bags to buy here in Germany, but the problem is that there isn’t much choice, what I mean is that the same bags are in all the shops. And again, everything, well almost everything is made in China. So I had a piece of red polka dot printed canvas which came with the UK edition of Home-style Sewing, some time last year. It was meant to become a bag but I decided to keep it, although I had no idea what to do with it. So a trip to the high street last week prompted me into digging it out and looking at it for a very long time - wondering what to make. My daughter had a little rucksack for the Kindergarten but it was rather old so there was the opportunity, and it was a real challenge, a proper sewing project, as I have never made a bag before. I mean a proper bag, with straps and front pocket. So there it is…a little red polka dot bag for my little one to take with her every morning.
As you know I love cupcakes and also free hand embroidery so there was no question what to make on the front pocket. The first time that I saw this kind of outlining the appliquéd object with free hand embroidery stitch, I immediately fell in love with the style and have used it many times since.
And it has proper shoulder straps too…

So off to tend to my sick husband and to dream about my next project - a fabric baby book, or something similar...
Irina xx


  1. That's really cute! I love the cupcakes!

  2. You should try this out - I think you'd do an amazing job of it! And even without the text, it'd be a great little imagination toy!

  3. Thanks Rita, I am glad you like it. The flip doll is genius, so nice and clever, thank you for the link, I will certainly try to make it!

  4. Your backpack turned out really really nice! Great job!

  5. For never having made a bag before, it really looks like you nailed it! Super cute! Love the cupcake appliques. I've never done much with free hand embroidery, but this inspires me to start.

    Greetings from Hamburg!

    I just love everything you've made and can't wait for your next project.
    Hello from London!

  7. Hallo Irina,

    ich habe soeben alle posts deines blogs gelesen, bin völlig fasziniert, dass du auch nähst. Näh' noch recht viele süße Sachen für deine little daughter, ich habe leider viel zu spät, nämlich erst vor 1 1/4 Jahren "wieder" damit angefangen, wurde durch www.farbenmix.de und das dort gerade frisch erschienene Buch "Sewing Clothes Kids love" inspiriert und infiziert und sitze seitdem mehrmals in der Woche vor der Maschine. Gerade am Wochenende habe ich mich zum ersten Mal an Freihandsticken nach Poppy Treffry gewagt, es klappt .... Ich melde mich bald. Anja / Luise

  8. hello Irina,

    awesome.is there a tutorial for making the bag?


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