14 Apr 2011

Under the weather

I haven’t been feeling very well since last week, so I spent the days laying in bed feeling miserable for myself. I think I caught a virus from my daughter and of course she is fine, just a running nose, while I ended up in bed.

Well had a lot of time to think so hopefully it was not all that bad as I am full of ideas.

I haven’t got much to show you but since it is Easter next week, I would like to share my simple egg decoration. I used a tutorial which has photos of some perfect, gorgeous looking eggs…well, what can I say, I guess I need many more years of stitching practice to be able to recreate those…

I am also making something for my daughter, a bag, so here is a little peek…I am trying to combine some of my favourite things…cupcakes, red polka dot and gingham fabric…here is a sneaky preview…

Also a few things I would like to share:

- The lovely tutorial by Retro Mama to make above mentioned Easter eggs

- I just love those “End of the rainbow cupcakes”…so yummy and complete with a recipe for anyone who dares

- “A dress a day” - a bit like Julie & Julia

- Liberty prints and Nike trainers – pure genius or horribly wrong?!?!

- “Melly and me” – an Assie blog about fun things and lots of fabric toys

- Make a crown for your little ones…very sweet


Irina x x

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