28 Apr 2011

Summer dress


I have always known  that I wanted to have a go at clothes making...i just never had the courage to do it! And I know why…it is not so easy! Well the sunny weather at the weekend made me dream about a nice pink dress for my little one. In fact I had something lying in the cupboard...it was meant to be a tunic, attached to a cut T-shirt, but for many days I tried to feel OK about the fact that probably the tunic will get stained the very first time...so such tunic never materialised. However a dress is a whole other story, and after Little Daughter called it Butterfly dress, and said that some pink wings would go well with it, I knew I did right!

Here is Little Daughter looking for said wings in her dress up box !

Irina xx


  1. I love this dress, well done!
    I know now that dresses will be the next secret passion of yours. Maybe a red one...as far as I know red is your lovely girl's favourite colour :-)
    Diana xxx

  2. That looks like such a fun little dress!
    Prudent baby has lots of fun, free and easy patterns on the site too, well worth checking out!

  3. It came out adorable! I'm so impressed with the patchwork aspect of it. She'll definitely get a lot of wear out of it this year!


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